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Renqiu Huaxing mechanical transmission parts factory is the production of mechanical transmission parts of the professional manufacturers, the main production standards of plain film. Set up the stage, single row, multiple rows of chain and sprocket gear rack, non-standard, bevel gear, sprocket shaft, gear shaft etc.. The company has many experienced senior engineers to participate in the planning and testing, equipment, precision, heat treatment and inspection methods are strict and accurate. Since its establishment in 1999, has been developed into a mature enterprise, the chain is widely used in agricultural machinery, three-dimensional garage supporting, mining equipment machinery, woodworking machinery, petroleum machinery, etc.. Products to quality and low price to win the praise and trust of customers, companies adhering to the "quality of survival, to open up for development, customer first, dedicated service" Huaxing products in the industry has a good reputation and status, welcome customers at home and abroad to visit.

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